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Geothermal Energy Essay -- Power Fuel Renewable Resource Global Warmin

Geothermal Energy: The Answer to the Energy Problem? Theoretical: The worldwide network is as of now scanning for new wellsprings of vitality that are not inconvenient to nature, that are savvy, and that will have the option to accommodate the current and future interest for vitality. Geothermal vitality is one of the promising options in contrast to non-renewable energy sources since it discharges no harmful or ozone depleting substance outflows, its present expense is diminishing yearly, and it is a ceaseless wellspring of vitality. It is a spotless and productive vitality source that has the capacities to accommodate a dominant part of the force utilized in the private, business, modern, and electric force areas. This paper will look at the current and most proficient techniques for mass creating geothermal vitality, its cost viability, ecological effect of creation, the measure of intensity it can deliver, and will decide whether geothermal vitality could be the response to the world’s vitality issue Introduction: The United States is confronted with a significant issue: finding new vitality sources that would not discharge contaminations discharged in the air. The pursuit has been productive, with extraordinary advancement in sun based, and wind innovations, however they stay excessively costly to mass produce and both have irregular creations of vitality because of an overwhelming dependence on the climate. However this hunt has additionally brought about the development and accomplishment of geothermal vitality, which gives a consistent stream of warmth vitality from inside the Earth. The geothermal field is rapidly developing, making this sustainable power source a contender among non-renewable energy sources and an incredible trust later on. Foundation: Geothermal vitality is heat from inside the Earth. This warmth vitality is either steam or high temp water that gathers ... ...hermal Power Production Jan 16 2008, Mark A. Taylor - The State of Geothermal Subsurface Technology Part1, November 2007, Mark A. Taylor - - US Department of Energy: Geothermal Power Plants - Energy Information Association - US vitality utilization Data tables - Geothermal Power-Energy America - - National Geothermal Collaborative - Common Questions about Geothermal Energy

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Discussions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Conversations - Essay Example Beside this, he additionally utilizes the word â€Å"come† intermittently to utilize a feeling of allure, which maybe doesn't simply relate to his condition while he was having this experience yet in addition for individuals, for example, me who are perusing his attempts to be pulled in to the story. What truly works for me in the story, other than its intriguing incomprehensible nature, is the inconspicuous control of feelings by the creator. Hughes, rather than portraying the slants of the hero, clarifies the environmental factors of the character, for the most part utilizing action words to push the story forward and into progress. This at that point makes the peruser set out to find the real story and increasingly delicate to what the fundamental character would feel given the conditions, consequently what the creator truly asks of his crowd is to be human and to feel for the individual in the event that the individual was set in a specific circumstance. Along these lines, I could identify with the story as I myself have encountered hanging tight for something that will never appear to come. Typically human too, I have deceived myself as well as other people to stifle what I am feeling within me. Human instinct is commonly confusing along these lines: trust is at the same tim e our quality and shortcoming. In spite of the fact that standing by just gives me frustration, I despite everything trust that something will spare me; I despite everything trust that it is coming, my salvation. The article that I have picked has the heading â€Å"From Swine Flu to Bubonic Plague, Epidemics have consistently blended Fear and Terror† by Richard Martin, a staff essayist from the St. Petersburg Times. His initial lines go: â€Å"So far, pig influenza has tainted less than 200 individuals, dispersed over the United States. Most havent required hospitalization. In any case, the indications of dread are everywhere.† Many have been doing fundamental, or as the essayist may suggest, superfluous careful steps to keep away from pig influenza, for example, wearing of careful veils out in the open spots,

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Deadlines and Habits

Deadlines and Habits I am a first-semester senior. As a result, my brain has been swimming in fellowship deadlines and requirements, graduate school applications, and the possibility of a full-time job; occasionally, it comes up for air and remembers that Im actually enrolled as a full-time student at MIT and need to do psets. This is what I have to look forward to: I realize that most of this readership has never applied to either grad school or fellowships, so let me bring you up to speed: Astronomy Graduate School What do you do there? Do full-time astronomy research, take some classes, TA some classes. Write and defend a Ph.D. thesis, which earns you a name like: Dr. Anna Ho or Anna Ho, Ph.D. Pretty sweet. How long do you stay there? An average of six years. Five, if you go to Princeton. What do you do afterwards? If you want to continue in academia, you try to find a post-doc (two-ish year full-time research positions) which will hopefully lead up to an assistant faculty position, then (hopefully!) a tenured faculty position. You could also work as a staff astronomer somewhere like the NRAO. Alternatively, you could switch out of professional astronomy, and get a job in industry, business, finance, teaching, and whatever else you can dream up. Why would you do this? You love astronomy research, and want to be part of the astronomy research community. What is the application process consist of? An application fee. A REALLY LONG, REALLY BORING form name, former names (really), gender, addresses, coursework details, research experience details (theres no common app, so you have to type this information again and again and again, in various lengths and formats). A Statement of Purpose (this is the experience I have, this is what I want to do, this is why I want to go to this school). Standardized test scores (the grad school version of the SAT  and SAT subject tests). Transcript. And the names and contact information of three individuals who will write you letters of recommendation. Research Fellowships Research fellowshipof the ring? No. Cornell has a nice description: A fellowship is an arrangement in which financial support is given to a graduate student to pursue his or her degree without any obligation on the part of the student to engage in teaching and/or research in furtherance of the universitys academic mission. Fellowships are generally merit-based awards intended to support a student in a full-time course of study. In other words: you, the graduate student, earn a nice financial package completely unrelated to the institution you are working at. You can imagine that that makes you a lot more attractive to graduate institutions and, once youre there, it takes some of the financial burden off of your department. Heres an argument for applying. What kinds of fellowships are out there? There are many different kinds of fellowships, targeted at many different audiences. For astronomy graduate students, this website has a pretty comprehensive list (scroll down to Multi-Year Fellowships). What does the application process consist of? Similar to grad apps. A long, extremely tedious Personal Information and Education and Work Experience form. A proposal for what youre going to do with the grant money (a very important part of science research!) Some kind of personal statement, tied to the goals of the fellowship program: for the National Science Foundation, for example, you want to discuss the broader impacts of your work on society and your educational outreach efforts. You also need somewhere between two and four letters of recommendation. And, if youre applying to the Hertz and make it past the first round of applications, you go through one or (if you make it even further) two very intense technical interviews. In conclusion: I have a lot to do over the next few months. I would not be surviving without an open stream of communication with friends who have gone through this before: French House alums and summer intern companions have been wonderfully supportive. This has been a particularly weird, disorienting semester; I spend so much time thinking about whats coming up next year that its hard to keep my mind in school and on my psets. The routine of pset, pset, paper, pset, pset, exam, isnt as prominent as usual. And thats made forming new habits even more important. Habits, routines: doing the same thing, every day or every few days or every week at the same time. Ive never been particularly good at forming habits (New Years resolution: I will run FIVE MILES, EVERY DAY, for the REST OF MY LIFE! or NO MORE COOKIES, EVER!) but this semester Ive developed a few that have kept me sane. They are: Running: I started the semester with ~two miles every few days (IT WAS SO PAINFUL), then one afternoon accidentally ran four miles (I thought it was 2.5, until I Google mapped the route back at home) so now run 3-4 miles every few days. I cant always do this on my own; I often run with my friend Sophie 14, who is *much* faster than I am, and *very* patient. Reading: In the half hour before I go to bed, I turn off my room light, click on my standing lamp, and read 1-2 chapters of whatever fiction book I happen to be reading. This semester, at the recommendation of my science fiction-obsessed, shelves-lined-with-Isaac-Asimovs-life-work boyfriend, Im taking my first foray into science fiction: the Mars trilogy, by Kim Stanley Robinson. I read most of Red Mars over the summer, then Green Mars, and am a few chapters into Blue Mars. I cannot recommend this series highly enough. Reading: In the half hour ish after my alarm goes off, I click on my standing lamp, sit propped up among my pillows, put my laptop in my lap, and read whatever catches my eye on the New York Times homepage. It wakes me up, although it has occasionally also made me late for class. I think that habits particularly post-wakeup and pre-bed ones are particularly stabilizing because they provide a framework for everything to fall into. Even if you have a really chaotic, stressful day, you know that a chapter of Blue Mars awaits, and that you get to spend half an hour watching the Martians write a constitution. And in the morning, you dont need to feel stressed immediately, because you can chill out and read the news for a while. And you can never really feel guilty about going for a run, because you can think of it as a long-term investment. Finally, Im sorry for the recent blogging silence ironically, I lost the habit. But the best way to regain a habit is to just start doing it again.

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The Placebo Effect History, Biology, And Ethics

The term â€Å"placebo effect† has been defined in many forms since the early Biblical era. According to Dr. Patrick Lemoine, author of, â€Å"The Placebo Effect: History, Biology, and Ethics,† stated that the term â€Å"placebo effect† was actually derived from a mistake made from the translation of the Bible into Latin by a gentleman whose name was Jerome (Lemoine). During the early parts of history and when the Bible was in the midst of being translated, Psalms 116:9, was written as Placebo Domino, meaning â€Å"I shall please the Lord,† instead of, Ambulabo coram Domino, meaning â€Å"I shall walk before the Lord† (Lemoine). Families of the 13th century, during the time of bereaving for a lost loved one, would be found chanting this verse. They called it the Office of the Dead and would chant this Psalm over and over again, while in a praying circle, and in mourning for the lost loved one (Lemoine). During the 16th century, the term was changed somewhat, and was used as form of confusion for the people who were claimed to have been possessed. At this time it was called the â€Å"placebo relic† (Lemoine). When a person was found to have been so-called possessed, they would be given false relics, or something to have been claimed that belonged to a saint or someone who was seen in reverence and honor from an earlier time of history. The possessed person would than act as if it really did belong to this saint or reverenced person, and then would go into seizure like convulsions as if they were shakingShow MoreRelatedMad Americ Bad Science, Bad Medicine, And The Enduring Mistreatment Of The Mentally Ill1472 Words   |  6 PagesMentally Ill. Mad in America was written by Robert Whitaker, a medical journalist, whose primary objective when authoring this book was to examine the types of psychiatric methods used for treating mental illness throughout American history, as well as their ethics and safety. His book is broken up into four different sections, each covering a certain timeframe. Part one spans over the years 1750-1900, and elaborates on the developments of varying treatments that were administered to mental patientsRead MoreEffectiveness Of Placebo And Treatment3833 Words   |  16 Pagespublished to purpose the effectiveness of placebo on analgesia, with various theories supporting the case. Although the literatures are in general agreement on placebo analgesia there is some disagreement to the mechanism of pain relief. The various theories that will be looked at are expectation-activated opioid system, condition activated specific subsystems and doctor-patient relationship. The primary focus of the paper is neurobiological effect of placebo analgesia in which it is key to rememberRead More Ethics and Medical Practice Essay example4853 Words   |  20 PagesEthics and Medical Practice Since Alasdair MacIntyres landmark book, After Virtue, there has been renewed interest in the role of the virtues in the moral life and attention paid to reappropriating the Aristotelian notion of a practice. (1) Recent reappropriations of the virtues and virtue theory in medical ethics have contributed to conceiving more adequately the nature of good medicine. In this paper, I wish to explore some of these insights and the special relevance the notion of a practiceRead MoreObstetric Cholestasis3040 Words   |  13 Pages2003).Evidence to support a genetic link includes a high prevalence amongst Chilean and Scandinavian women (Bruce and Watson 2007).Two of Jacinta’s sisters suffered with OC during their pregnancies and indeed genetic studies have discovered a family history in 33-50% of women diagnosed with OC (Dixon and Williamson, 2006).There have also been suggestions of an autosomomal dominant inheritance pattern (Fagan 2000,Kelly and Nelson-Piercy , 2000). During pregnancy higher levels of oestrogen and progesteroneRead MoreThe Old Style Of Medicine3112 Words   |  13 Pagesnon-scientific approach to the unwell, disregarding traditional diagnostic categories and concentrating on enhancing subjective comfort and well-being, but remaining oblivious to the organic substrate of disease (Henrich, 2005). This leads to questionable ethics in terms of false hopes and lost opportunities for effective therapy in the medical field. Today’s advancements in the field of medicine have led to its important development from the curative stage to the preventive stage. There is more collectiveRead MorePsychology Workbook Essay22836 Words   |  92 Pagesobservation( researchers can have more control.) case study-   - An in-depth study of one person. Much of Freuds work and theories were developed through individual case studies. In a case study, nearly every aspect of the subjects life and history is analyzed to seek patterns and causes for behavior.  an in depth study of one or a few participants consisting of information gathered by observation, interview,or psychological testing to provide a description of behaviour or disorder survey  -usingRead MoreApproaches to Organisation and Management19498 Words   |  78 Pagesââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  It  helps  to  view  the  interrelationships  between  the  development  of  theory,  behaviour  in organisations  and  management  practice. ââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  An  understanding  of  the  development  of  management  thinking  helps  in  understanding principles  underlying  the  process  of  management. ââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  Knowledge  of  the  history  helps  in  understanding  the  nature  of  management  and  organ- isational  behaviour  and  reasons  for  the  attention  given  to  main  topic  areas. ââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  Many  of  the  earlier  ideas  are  of  continuing  importance  to  the  manager  and  later  ideas  on management  tend  to  incorporate  earlier  ideas  and  conclusionsRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 PagesLogical Consequences and Counterexamples ..................................................... 361 3-Valued Logic................................................................................................................................ 362 History of Sentential Logic ........................................................................................................... 367 Review of Major Points ..........................................................................................Read MoreGsk Annual Report 2010135604 Words   |  543 Pagesaim of enhancing returns to our shareholders and improving the lives of patients and consumers. To achieve this we have substantially re-engineered GSK’s business through major restructuring and a more rigorous approach to capital allocation. The effects of these changes in 2010 were masked to some degree by speciï ¬ c events. Reported sales, for example, were impacted by generic competition to Valtrex, and reduced sales from Avandia and pandemic related products. Meanwhile earnings were impacted by

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Slavery in America - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1178 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/05/13 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Slavery Essay Did you like this example? Â  Slavery has played various roles in different societies all over the world, but slavery was never as abused and manipulated as it was in America. Slavery has been a part of societies even before it came to America, but American colonization and greed for profit took priority over human rights. Slavery was different for every region of colonization in America. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Slavery in America" essay for you Create order Though the underlying idea of it was all the same, the different governments took slavery to new levels of torture and abuse. The main countries that colonized America were Britain, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Since these are all different groups with different ways of living, the way they used slavery was different as well. With the new found abuse of slavery came all sorts of ways to manipulate and take advantage of slaves, mainly by creating laws that limited what they could do, especially limiting how they could obtain their freedom. Every country that colonized America used slaves in some way or another. One of these countries was the Netherlands. Dutch colonization took place mainly in present day New York. The Dutch interest in slaves took place when settlers started up farms on the Hudson River. After this, slavery took off, for a little while at least. Until the mid-1600s, slaves were not expected to serve for their whole life. However, after slavery became more popular in the region, it became acceptable for white farmer to purchase African slaves in exchange for a life time of servitude. This would all change though because Britain took over this Dutch colony around 1664. A second minor country that colonized America was France. France had control of Louisiana, parts of Canada, and parts of Inland America. In Louisiana, settlers started tobacco and indigo farms. These farms then called for slaves to work the fields. Slaves in Louisiana included Africans and Indians. One of the many laws in place in Louisiana was that children were born into slavery if their mother was a slave. This was a very common law throughout all of colonized America. Also, French women were not very common, because they did not take to trip from France to America. Because of this it was very common for French men to mingle with African women. Most African women were slaves and so any children conceived were also slaves. These Afro-French children were in a unique situation because their French fathers did not want them to be slaves forever, so their fathers would decide to free them from slavery. The French also had their own slave code called the Code Noir. This was very similar to that slave codes of English settlers. A couple of the laws inside the Code Noir were that interracial marriage was forbidden and that only slave owners could free their slaves. Slaves were not allowed to buy their freedom. Florida was one of the main Spanish colonies in America. Historically, Spanish cultures is tried to religion, specifically Catholicism. Because of this, slaves in Spanish Florida had an opportunity for freedom that many others did not. Any slave that converted to Catholicism would be freed and protected under the religion. Slaves had more choices as far as what type of work they wanted to do. There were several jobs that required back-breaking work, but they could also serve as linguists, guides, and even serve in the Spanish militia. Because of the many Indians in Florida, and the fact that Africans mingled with Indians, slavery was not defined by race in Spanish Florida. Spanish settlers treated slaves better than in English colonies. Part of this was because Spanish law clarified the masters responsibility and the slaves rights. These distinctions were not made in England. Britain held the majority of the colonies in America. These included Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and more. The laws concerning slavery were different in each colony, but the main ideas were similar. One of these similarities was a law created concerning children. Any child born in these colonies was to take the title of their mother, either slave or free. This particular law made African women very important to white men. Like with the French, many English women did not travel to America. So it became very common for white men and African women to mingle. As a result, many children were conceived and since it was more than likely that the mother was an African slave, these children were also considered slaves. Another common law was punishment for slaves. While the severity of punishment varied from colony to colony, There were laws put in place that allowed for harsh punishment of slaves for even minor offenses like theft or even being disobedient. South Carolina had some of the most sever punishments for slaves out of all of the colonies. They decided that runaway slaves would be punishable by death, and even offered rewards to individuals who captured runaway slaves. While many colonies assumed this, Virginia made a law in the 1640s stating that slaves were to serve for life. Maryland established a law stating that if a white women and an enslaved black man married, the white women would have to serve the husbands master. Englands colony South Carolina was most know for extreme slave codes. These codes severely limited slaves ability to do what they wanted when their day of work was done. Just to name some of the restrictions, when slaves traveled off of the plantations, they were required to carry a pass given by their owner that said they could be away from the plantation. Also, Runaway slaves, if captured, were brutally beaten, branded, or even bodily mutilated. African slaves had very limited options for freedom, and as time went on, these options became less and less. In the mid 1600s, slaves would runaway to St. Augustine, Florida. If they made it, they would convert the Catholicism and doing this would keep them from having to be a slave again. This option did not last ling though, as St. Augustine was burned down and the slaves safe haven was ruined. The only other realistic way for slaves to gain their freedom was to purchase it. Of course as time went on, the colonies put laws in place such as having to have the owners approval for a slave to become free, or they owner would have to move the newly freed Africans outside of some colonies, if they were to be free. These were some of the very few ways slaves could gain their freedom. Slavery was different in every colony, depending on what country was in control of the colony. There were over arching similarities, but nonetheless, each colony was different, and had its own way of controlling slaves. Freedom was also a difficult thing for slaves to gain, as many options for freedom were deemed illegal by the colonies laws. Overall, this was one of the toughest times for slavery, there was nothing to stop whites from brutally torturing slaves and they had yet to realize that they were abusing human beings that were exactly like them.

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The Question of Female Citizenship Free Essays

The Question of Female Citizenship Catherine Tupper In the early 1800’s a young man by the name of James Martin was denied by the lower court when he claimed that his deceased mother’s property in the United States was confiscated from his family. After being denied for an appeal in the lower court, James appealed his decision to the Supreme Judicial Court. The problem at conflict in this case was whether or not James mother, Anna, was defined as a feme-covert or as a citizen of The United States. We will write a custom essay sample on The Question of Female Citizenship or any similar topic only for you Order Now This court case was called Martin v. Massachusetts. According to the Source, in eighteenth-century Anglo-America a married women, by law, was known as a feme-covert. A woman considered a feme-covert was completely covered by her husband and had no recognized legal identity. She had no right to buy, sell or own property independently of her husband. In the case of Martin v. Massachusetts, the plaintiff James Martin presented the fact that his late mother left the United States because his father did. In other words, Anna had no choice due to the feme-covert law which states that the man speaks and acts for the wife. The argument made by the ter-tenants was that Anna had the right to stay and claim citizenship due to the fact that all of the land owned by her husband was indeed hers because it was passed down by her father. In the end, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled that Anna Martin was bound by her marriage vows and had to follow her husband to England. The court reversed the confiscation and the land was returned to the Martin family. Due to the fact that the confiscation of Anna Martin’s property was reversed, the justices stated that women could not act independently of her husband in political or economic matters. How to cite The Question of Female Citizenship, Papers

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Ozone Essay Example For Students

Ozone Essay OzoneDanielle FarrarMarch 16, 1997Triatomic oxygen, O3, is most commonly known as ozone. It has aresonance structure, and can be drawn in two different ways:O=O-O-O=OIt is a bluish, explosive gas at room temperature, and has a boiling pointof -119C. It has a melting point of -193C, and is a blue liquid. Itscritical temperature and pressure are -12.1C and 53.8 atm, respectively. Ithas a pleasant odor in concentrations of less than 2 ppm, and is irritating andinjurious in higher concentrations. The density of ozone gas is 2.144 g/L, andthe density of ozone as a liquid is 1.614 g/mL. It is extremely unstable, andsolutions containing ozone explode upon warming. It is found in varyingproportions on Earth, but it is about 0.05 ppm at sea level. Ozone absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation in the upper atmosphere, andprotects humans from skin cancer. But ozone is also the main ingredient of smog,and causes serious health effects and forest and crop damage in the loweratmosphere. Ozone is formed through the chemical reaction of volatile organiccompounds and nitrogen dioxide, in the atmosphere, in the presence of sunlight. This reaction is called a photochemical reaction, because sunlight is required. The product is known as smog. The notorious brownish color of smog is due tonitrogen dioxide of the mixture. Increased temperature stimulate the reaction,which is why ozone conditions are worse in the summer. It is an oxidant,meaning it takes electrons away from other molecules, and disrupts keystructures in cells by starting chain reactions. Ozone is a serious national problem. Half of the largest urban areas inthe United States exceed the ozone standards. The worst regions in the USinclude California and the Texas Gulf coast, and the northeast and the Chicago-Milwaukee area during the summer. The ozone condition varies from year to year,as the temperature and weather fluctuate. This fluctuation also occursthroughout the day, as emissions from morning traffic builds up, the levels rise. Ozone emissions come from many things, such as automobiles, gas stations, powerplants, dry cleaners, paint shops, chemical manufacturing pants, oil refineries,and other business that release volatile organic compounds. The health effects of ozone are chest pain, coughing, wheezing, lung andnasal congestion, labored breathing, sore throat, nausea, rapid breathing, andeye and nose irritation. The symptoms occur when the levels of ozone are onlyslightly higher than the legal standard. Living in San Diego during myelementary school year, I personally felt the effects of ozone; the tightness ofthe chest, wheezing, and labored breathing on certain hot, humid days. Dayswould be labeled smog days, and children wouldnt be able to play outsideduring recess, the air was so polluted. Heavy exercise can drive ozone deeperinto the respiratory system, and interferes with lung operation, and childrengrowing up in smog-polluted areas have been found to have lost 10-15% of theirlung capacity. Ozone severely damages crops, forests, and man-made materials. Thecrops affected are ones such as soybeans, peanuts, corn, and wheat, and moreextensively to tomatoes, beans, snapbeans. Cash losses of these crops areestimated at several billion dollars a year. Evidence points towards the factthat ozone is severely damaging forest in the eastern United States, and ozoneis responsible for the reduced growth rate of commercial yellow pines in thesoutheast U.S. Organisms such as lichens, and ecosystem processes such asnutrient cycling, are also affected. Ozone can also damage materials, such ascausing cracking of plastics and rubber, and decomposition and fading of fibersand dyes. .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .postImageUrl , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:hover , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:visited , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:active { border:0!important; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:active , .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5 .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u9d9c347fb06f854395e911c042d03aa5:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Ted Bundy Case Study EssayOzone has been in the news a lot in the past decade or so. Not only theeffects of ozone as smog in the lower atmosphere, but ozone depletion in theupper atmosphere. It seems rather ironic that something we have such anabundance of that it becomes a problem, should also present the problem that weare lacking in it. However, the focus of my research was primarily on smog andthe effects of the lower atmosphere. The health problems presented, the moneylost on crops, and forests, have made ozone quite a prevalent issue, mainlybecause it affects everyone, all over the planet. This invisible gas has andwill continue to be a source of intense interest for scientists in the comingyears. Contributing pollutants such as automobiles, power plants, and other thingsI mentioned previously have led to controversy over these items. Huge amountsof money have been put into research for decreasing the amount of ozone produced. For instance, Los Angeles installed a